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Precision Square

Model BBAS-2416

Designed for setting crosscut fences square, this tool evolved into much more.  Measuring approximately 16" x 24", it is square within .002" or less over the entire length. Using two thumbscrews along the 16" side, you can butt the square against any surface and get a perpendicular edge along the 24" side. With the two supplied dowel pins inserted into the appropriate hole locations, angles from 5, 10, 15, 20, 22.5, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 degrees can be establish with great accuracy.

Price:     $200.00 + shipping

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DRO Parallel Fences

These can be ordered direct as Digital Read Out Parallel fences or previous customers can retrofit their existing fences with the DRO option. We use a high quality Fiama Digital readout that uses magnetic banding mounted in the measuring rod. They can be easily set to read inch or metric with accuracy down to .001" or .01mm. So if you are tired of trying to split 1/32 on a standard measuring tape, these digital units will be a joy to use. They stay on and are calibrated all the time, and the battery lasts approximately four years (easily changed when needed).

Digital Retrofit Kit (includes DRO unit, rear mount and new measuring rod):    $600 per unit + Shipping

​Digital Fence complete, Felder X-roll, F-channel and Hammer:    $1000 each unit  + Shipping

Digital Fence complete for Altendorf, Minimax, Martin and Knapp:    $1100 each unit  + Shipping


Due to the custom nature of our products to fit specific machines, we may be out of stock on certain items at times. This is why we don't have instant ordering from the website. Please use the "Contact" page to check status and shipping costs on any item.

Felder X-Roll, F-channel and Hammer Price:     $500 each + shipping

 Martin, Altendorf, Minimax, and Knapp Price:     $600 each +Shipping

Indicator Holder

This tool has numerous uses. You can set your jointer blades with exacting accuracy, check to see if your table is parallel to the cutting head, check in-feed to out-feed coplanar, depth of cut. The indicator can be reversed to point up and adding a spacer on the bottom, be used to check from a planer table to cutting head for parallel, also used to check in-feed and out feed roller heights in relation to the cutting blades. On the sliding table saw, it can be used to check slider height above the saw table, blade and shaper bit height up to approximately 1', more with spacers.

Parallel Fences

Available for numerous machines. These fences allow you to get very accurate parallel cuts on your sliding table saw, utilizing the precision sliding mechanism. By setting either the crosscut fence and one parallel fence, or using two parallel fences, you can cut from less than 1" wide to more than 24" wide pieces that will be perfectly parallel and about 5" long to any length your slider will travel. They also can be set at different readings to cut tapered pieces, taper can be set in angles or taper per foot using simple calculations.

Very advantageous for repetitive cuts where accuracy is important. These units are currently available for Felder F-channel, P-channel, Hammer, Minimax 410 and CU300 Smart, Altendorf, Martin T60, Knapp and Wadkin. If your machine is not included, or you have other models of brands listed, please contact us for further information.

Precision Level Model 1600

This level is very handy when setting up a sliding table saw, a jointer, milling machines, lathes and any number of other applications. It is very accurate with a vial sensitivity of .001" per foot, which is about 5 times more accurate than a standard Machinist Level.  It measures 16" in length and 3" wide across the base, and 3" tall. The vial is adjustable so that if your machine isn't level, you can still center the bubble and do comparative readings on your machine. You can download the complete instructions and specifications below. Unit comes fully protected in a foam lined tuck top box with a hex key for making adjustments.